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Step 1: Initial Consultation

We sit down with you to get to know more about your vision for how the merch should look e.g: pants, crop tops, tees, jewelry, bags & accessories, etc.

Step 2: We will create a mood-board based on your concept to ensure we’re not only on the right track (and approve), but also to provide other possible ideas about colours and patterns

Step 3: Based on the mood-board, we will select items that you agree on and which fit your vibe.

We will then select how many pieces of merch. you’d like to order (i.e., 5 crop tops, 7 bodysuits etc).

Step 4: We will then begin sourcing and ordering for the items you selected.

NOTE: This process takes the most time. It’s important to allocate enough time for this (approx. 1 month)

Step 5: Logo Design!

If you already have illustrators you work with, ask them to create a few logo design options. And select your favourite. We may help with choosing the colour and / or placement of the design(s) on the fabric to make it!

Step 6: Merchandise arrives!

We may go with you to confirm the designs / patterns once the merch. comes in!

Step 7: Final confirmation of the logo colour(s) and placement on the fabric.

Step 8: Merch. Branding!

Take all the merchandise for branding.

NOTE: Must have a picture of each item with it’s corresponding logo design and placement on flash drive (pdf format) or on a print out.

Allocate at least ONE WEEK for branding.

Step 9: Pick up branded merchandise!

(Do a little happy-dance) 🤗