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Style Subscription 

We have customizable packages available for all our clients, packages for events, photoshoots, music videos, set/model directing, campaign shoots, and editional styling. Packages are priced based on hourly rate, daily rate and or project rate.

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What you'll receive in your packages?

- Initial consultation with you to assess the vision or theme in mind for the shoot or video. Don't fret if you haven't got a theme yet, during this initial consultation we can brainstorm ideas with you! 

-After the initial consultation, our team will create a mood-board that contains 3-7 outfit looks and corresponding hair & make-up inspirations that will be the blue print (or pink print as Nicki Minaj would say!) for your entire shoot or video.

Note: If your campaign includes models, we will also include a selection of hand picked models suitable for your intended look and theme.

-Once you review, and narrow down your favourite looks, we will request your sizing, determine silhouette type and pull items for your big day!

-On your day, we will assist with fitting and styling and our Model Manager/Set Director will be present to help you secure the best content possible by changing up your poses, teaching you posing techniques, spotting your best angles and much more on set!

-After you will receive your professional high resolution edited photography or your high def brand campaign or music video.

Who are these packages for?

- Fashion retailers and brands who want to create an impactful fashion campaign for their advertising campaign without the hassle of setting up weekly shoots.
- Artists and musicians who want to create content to hype up upcoming tours, shows, releases, and live events. Perfectly suited for new and emerging artists or artists and musicians looking to reintroduce themselves and position their brand in their industry.
- Models who are looking to build their portfolio; who are pursuing a career in fashion and lifestyle photography.

Interested in consistent content? Check out our subscription packages.

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