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The World Has Bigger Problems Tank Top

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The World Has Bigger Problems Tank Top

Size: S-L 


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We trust that you enjoy both the fashion styles and Wholesale pricing that we offer every season to you to offer at your shops and/or boutiques. We work hard at Sourcing for merchandise from a number of different Suppliers to provide you with a wonderful selection of current style fashions and upcoming trends for every season of the year in this e-catalogue. Unfortunately, as we are not a Retail e-commerce marketplace, we cannot offer you a Refund or Exchange if you change your mind after your order is placed or if you want to return unsold inventory. All orders placed on this website are considered “Custom Orders” and all purchases are a Final Sale.

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FIRSTLY: Immediately or within seven (7) business days of receipt of your order send an e-mail to Please provide a video or picture or pictures, if possible. On the subject line state the issue, and in the body of the e-mail elaborate on the issue and how you would like to have it resolved: either an exchange for damaged “Item(s)”; an update on when a missing item is being shipped, etc. We will work with you to resolve any issues as quickly as possible.

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THIRDLY: After the “Item(s)” are received and inspected if a refund was agreed upon it will be processed within 10 business days or earlier; if an exchange was agreed upon then the “Item(s)” will be shipped. Please note that regular shipping times will apply.

 Additional information:


Occasionally due to unexpected events, Acts of God, such as tornadoes, snow storms, hurricanes, weather conditions that result in delivery delays; postal lockouts; riots, etc, These events are beyond our control, which may cause the occasional delay in shipping. Orders that have been shipped but are being delayed due to these unforeseen events are not considered "Missing Items". We will track the packages and advise you and keep you posted of when the “Item(s)” will be delivered to you. Please check the status of your shipment using the tracking numbers or contact us and we will gladly get an update to you.


If you did not receive the correct number of “Item(s)” ordered, we will contact the Supplier immediately. The “Item(s)” may very well be on back-order or shipped separately to minimize shipping costs and may be in transit to you.

If you received more items than expected, please keep them, as it would not be cost effective to return them to the Supplier.


While we strive our best to advertise "Item(s)" as per the description received from our Suppliers, occasionally there may be discrepancies in the description or the supplier unintentionally sent the wrong "Item(s)". We apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.  

If it was an oversight by the Suppliers and they shipped the wrong "Item(s)", we will contact you and give you the option of either accepting a refund or we can re-order the "Item(s)", regular shipping times will apply. If, however, the "Item(s)" are no longer available, please accept our apologies in advance. We will send you a return label by e-mail and you can mail the “Item(s)” back to us. Please keep a copy of the Post Office receipt. We will issue a refund upon receipt of the wrong “Item(s)”.

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